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The concept is to take the best bikes to some of the best circuits know but from from the view of a consumer in a real world environment.

I myself have owned a few variations of some of these models so i have a consumers view. Also using these bikes around other riders on track, rather than an enclosed circuit is where the bikes that make it to a track day will most likely be.

The aim is to do this in a way that's presentable with a high quality as a show, so its not only the hardcore biker of the household will watch but also something the others in the household would like to watch and maybe even learn something and get a insight into the motorcycling passion that a lot of us have.

People from different walks of life, from different areas of the world sharing a common interest - a passion.

Track side you'll often see people going out of their way to help a person they have never met to try and help them get back on track if they have a problem - then that same person that helped will treat the person like the enemy on track and try to get past them to lap quicker but its all light - hearted fun.

At the end of the day it not just about what you ride - its just about the ride!

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